Family Owned and Operated Since 1991

Taking Care of Wauwatosa and Milwaukee Customers and Cars

We were founded with one thing in mind, our customers. It’s important to fix vehicles, but we know that our customers always have other options in repair shops. At North Avenue Automotive, we make sure our customers always leave us in good spirits as their car is in great condition. Professionalism and courtesy is the North Avenue way of doing business and establishing lasting relationships. We are a Wauwatosa area garage and we offer impeccable service to this community, making a habit of going above and beyond for our customers.

Our ASE Certified techs are a team of highly skilled automotive specialists whose expertise is matched only by their customer service. You and your vehicle deserve the North Avenue treatment and attention, so stop in and get more preferential treatment than you can with the other guys. We value good communication with our customers, including them in the entire repair process. A lot of hard work goes into becoming Wauwatosa’s top repair shop, but we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. We strive to make sure our customers enjoy our stress free services as well.

Too many other repair garages have given mechanics a bad name. It’s no coincidence that every repair shop stresses how trustworthy they are, because the average customer has probably been taken advantage of by a service shop. You can have confidence in the skills and integrity of North Avenue Automotive. We understand that just as important as you leaving a satisfied customer, is you returning for our superior services should you ever need us again.